Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath was put to work during her first official campaign stop in the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo on Wednesday.

The September 6th vote was called one week ago.

Horwath helped K-W NDP candidate Catherine Fife put up a lawn sign on Shanley Street in Kitchener, then did some mainstreeting in Uptown Waterloo.

When it comes to the teachers without contracts, Horwath says the government is playing a dangerous game.

“What I would advise the premier and the minister (education) to do is start talking more with the other negotiating groups that haven’t come to a deal yet.” said Horwath.

She adds if we end up with legislated contracts that will end up in the Supreme Court.

Horwath was also asked about the premier’s pledge for a new Highway 7 and to have shovels in the ground by 2015.

“It’s time to stop playing games and playing politics and move on with the project.”

Horwath is also excited about their potential in the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo, adding there is great opportunity here.