Region of Waterloo staff has updated the Planning & Works Committee on the progress of the multi-modal transit hub near King & Victoria in Kitchener.

The building will soon act as the gateway to the core. All forms of transport, from walking, cycling, driving, taking the bus, and train will centre around this hub once it opens together with the rapid transit line in 2017.

Until then, the Region is tearing down old buildings and preparing a number of studies, including a market study of the area, to see what kind of commercial and even residential developments the property could support.

“An accessibility study, seeking planning approvals to actually build … we’re doing some initial design to look at how we can connect rapid transit, and GO, and VIA, GRT, pedestrians, cyclists to and through the site,” said Planning Commissioner Rob Horne.

“We expect to have the detailed planning completed by the end of this year, or early into next year, and all of that information with then inform council on go forward plan, in terms of how the development will be staged. A large part of that will be public consultation.” Horne said.

Horne said by the end of September the Region and the City of Kitchener will hold a public information session together. That meeting has not yet been scheduled.