The Mennonite Central Committee Ontario, based in Kitchener, is asking the community for more aid for Syria.

Back in May, a container filled with supplies had been sent from the MCC warehouse to Syria.

Every bit of that aid has been used up in the war-torn country, and Executive Director Rick Cober Bauman tells 570 News the MCC is asking us to dig a little deeper, “School-kits, and Hygiene-kits, you don’t have to supply a complete kit, we’re happy if you bring part of the contents, or of course, financial gifts and then we can sometimes buy in bulk.”

Cober Bauman says the MCC has been honoured that the Syrian community here in KW and Ontario, has trusted the MCC to help Syrians displaced by conflict.

Cober Bauman adds while the relief kits are mainly intended to help refugees, they also serve another purpose, “It’s a gift of love from their sisters and brothers internationally. We think this is a way that the rest of the world can send a message that the whole world is not like that (violent), and that there is a real caring community here.”

Cober Bauman also says that sometimes relief supplies can themselves have a peace building role.

For more information about what to donate, visit the MCC’s website, and check out their donation page as well.