Waterloo-based Research In Motion is launching its new PlayBook tablet for advanced networks that will have a faster Internet experience.

RIM’s latest PlayBook will be launched today in Canada first and is designed for wireless networks with speeds equivalent to high-speed home Internet services on land lines. The company would not divulge how many PlayBooks are being shipped to the market. Shawn Coglan a Senior Product Manager at RIM tells 570 News the company no longer releases those numbers.

The 4G LTE PlayBook tablet computer, which has 32 GB of memory storage, will be sold by Rogers, Bell and Telus…Canada’s three largest carriers.  The company eventually launch in the U.K.Europe and eventually the U.S.

The new PlayBook is also ready for corporate email systems and keeps business information secure and separate from personal information, said RIM (TSX:RIM).

In addition to a faster Internet experience with LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology, RIM’s new PlayBook will give users clearer and smoother video streaming, multi-party video conferencing capabilities and fewer delays when there are multiple video game players, he said.

The original PlayBook was launched in April 2011, but sales have been slow and RIM has discounted some of the models amid stiff competition. RIM is phasing out the 16 GB PlayBook which was retailing for as little as $199 to focus on higher-end models.

RIM said the new PlayBook has the tablet’s latest operating system software and also allows users to manage messages from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The built-in calendar and contacts apps is integrated with social networks, providing users with information about their contacts at their fingertips.