The CAA has launched a new safety campaign today.

The new anti-distracted driving initiative began this morning,in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and the OPP.

CAA Southwestern Ontatio spokeswoman Teresa Di Felice tells 570 News the 4 week campaign will raise awareness about high-risk behaviors drivers make while behind the wheel.

Di Felice says police, the MTO and other traffic safety coalition partners will be reminding drivers what they’d “miss” in their lives if they engaged in distracted driving.

the c-a-a has teamed up with the ministry of transportation, o-p-p and other traffic safety coalition partners to target distracted driving.

Di Felice says distracted driving is still happening too often on our roads and it doesn’t just involve texting and chatting on the phone, but also eating, drinking, grooming and adjusting the radio.

She says hopefully at the end of the initiative they’ve encouraged drivers to practice safe driving habits.

The campaign wraps up at the end of the month.