It’s been a year now since Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews came to town to announce and confirm expansion plans for Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

Hospital President and CEO Patrick Gaskin says it’s been an incredible year for the hospital in terms of the capital redevelopment project. He says the building blocks and major paperwork are in place to build a brand new wing in their parking lot.

Actual construction is set to start in spring 2014.

Gaskin says Cambridge is getting a brand new hospital at the end of the day.

Plans include renovating every inpatient area, almost every clinic and outpatient area. The work also includes new operating rooms, ICU, emergency room and pediatrics.
Expanded patients services already in place include a new MRI service and the doubling of mental health capacity.

The total price tag is set in the range of $150 to 200 million. Gaskin says
that is in line, adding there has been great community support and hope that continues in this “important healthcare investment”.