With the opening ceremony for the London Olympics just hours away, tickets to the biggest show in town are still available _ for a price.

The Danny Boyle-directed opening ceremony cost 27 million pounds ($42.3 million) to produce and is expected to draw an estimated global television audience of 1 billion.

Olympic organizers confirmed late Thursday that the extravaganza has not sold out, saying that tickets are still on sale in the two highest price categories. Available tickets cost 2,012 pounds ($3,157) or 1,600 pounds ($2,510) apiece, organizers said.

Organizers would not say exactly how many tickets remain on sale, describing the quantity as “a few.”

Meantime, bells rang out across Britain this morning to mark the opening of the games.

Big Ben pealed 40 times in a three-minute span, while church bells, school bells, bicycle bells, and even door bell joined in the performance.

The opening ceremonies will start at 4pm E-T in the 80-thousand-seat Olympic Stadium.