August 9th is the date that Liberals in the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo will pick their nominee in the upcoming local byelection.

The Liberals are the last of the major parties to set a date for their nomination meeting.

In no particular order, 3 candidates have declared their intention to run:

Waterloo City Councillor Karen Scian,

Lawyer Eric Davis

Staff Sergeant Raj Sharma with Waterloo Regional Police

And by the time they hold the meeting, at 6:30pm at Bingemans, all the other major parties will have had their candidates in place for at least a few weeks.

Back in June, members of the Progressive Conservative Riding Association picked Tracey Weiler and Stacey Danckert won the nomination for the Green Party of Ontario.

The NDP nomination meeting will be next Thursday, July 26th, with Catherine Fife currently the only nominee.

Premier Dalton McGuinty hasn’t announced the date for the KW riding byelection, but it must be called within  6 months of when former MPP Elizabeth Witmer resigned.