A long awaited bridge opens up today in Cambridge.

For more than a year drivers heading through the Coronation Blvd and Hespeler Road area have faced gridlock and detours as crews worked to build a bridge over the railway tracks near the Delta intersection.

“Now no one will get stopped by trains again coming down or going up Hespeler Road so it’s great news for the city”, said Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig who told 570News that the intersection has been a symbol of all of the traffic frustrations in Cambridge.

Upwards of two dozen trains cross Hespeler Road and put traffic at a standstill everyday. Craig says since he’s been mayor he’s heard of drivers being stuck up for to 30 minutes in a number of cases, “And also with emergency vehicles which was very keys for us with regards to getting this rectified. So people have expressed concern, but I think people now are quite happy with what they see happening and being able to experience free travel.”

The $25 million project started in May of last year and there is still some work to be done on the asphalt and curbs. That will take up to four months to complete.