Waterloo Region’s Crime Prevention Council expresses its shock and sadness following the shooting in Toronto.

What bothers Executive Director Christiane Sadler most is the shooting took place during a neighbourhood barbecue, a gathering usually set aside for community building.

Sadler explains community building in lower socio-economic neighbourhoods are so important in the prevention of crime.

She explains in a situation like this people will question Toronto’s safety.
That’s the first piece of data Sadler notes “In terms of answering that question there’s public data such as crime rates, call of service to police. The second data is the perception of the public.”

Sadler outlines when a shocking crime of this nature occurs the fear rises. Agencies like the Crime Prevention Council have been lobbying municipalities to invest in neighbourhoods socially struggling as there is eventually a greater pay off.

The council believes there is a correlation between funding for priority neighborhoods and greater public safety.