Consulting firm Towers Watson says it has found evidence that employers with a fully engaged workforce tend to have higher profit margins.

The firm’s study surveyed some 32,000 employees, including 1,000 in Canada.

It found that about two-thirds of the Canadian employees surveyed weren’t “fully engaged” in their work and frustrated by the level of support they receive.

And that wasn’t good for their employers either.

Towers Watson said companies that scored high in employee engagement also scored better in profit margins.

“We found that those with highly engaged employees had performance that was three times better than those with lower engagement.” said Ofelia Isabel, Towers Watson’s Canadian Leader for Talent and Rewards.

She says engagement is on the radar of companies that do well in that area.

“We are putting more on the shoulders of employees…whether we feel like we’ve got enough people to be able to effectively do our jobs is a very important driver as well.”