The Grand River Conservation Authority is urging people along the Nith River to reduce their water use by 20%.

Spokesperson with the GRCA, Dave Schultz tells 570 News the water levels are extremely low, “across most of the watershed, precipitation has been very low for a long time now, but we’ve started to notice on the Nith River, particularly in the last 10 days or so, that water levels have fallen to about half of normal for this time of year. “

Communities in the Nith River watershed include New Hamburg, Ayr, New Dundee, Plattsville and Drumbo.

Schultz says the best way to meet a water reduction is to follow your municipal watering bylaws, “basically if you’re in a municipality that has every-other-day watering, or once a week watering, just continue to do that.”

Schultz says the GRCA website has a whole list of tips for companies in large water use sectors to meet a water-use reduction.

The rest of the Grand River watershed continues to be asked to reduce water consumption by 10%, and water-users along Whiteman’s Creek continue to be under a request to reduce water usage by 20%.