BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is expected to face some heat from its shareholders at the company’s annual meeting in Waterloo today.

For many of the investors, this will be the first time they meet new CEO Thorsten Heins, and other new faces. Heins took over the top job in January, replacing co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis.

Shareholders will also have an opportunity to grill the company about its stock price, which has fallen to below $8 per share from more than $25 when the company held its meeting last year.

Investors are expecting to hear how the company plans to survive through the key sales period that runs from back-to-school season until holiday shopping.

RIM has faced significant technical delays, which has pushed the launch for its new line of smartphones until early next year.

You can watch the BlackBerry-maker’s annual general meeting here. (NOTE: You will have to register an email address in order to watch the AGM)

Kitchener’s Ken Hatt, a RIM investor, plans on attending the meeting. He has questions about Blackberry 10. “Unless they’ve got something that’s going to blow the socks of everything…I don’t see the stock price going anywhere.” said Hatt.

570 News also spoke with former investor Andy Douse. He bailed on RIM when share prices dipped below $15. “You know the best hope for RIM right now could very well be an acquisition by one of the usual suspects.”

On the TSX yesterday the company’s stock ended the day at $7.80, down more than 5% from Friday’s close.

You can follow RIM’s stock price on the TSX here.