It wasn’t your usual graduation ceremony this afternoon. Instead of a stage, caps and gowns, there was a construction site, hard helmets and work boots! 14 Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School students collected their certificates for the Community Home Build Program. Instead of sitting in school learning math and English this semester, these high school students were out and building a house from the foundation up!

“It’s just about a bunch of kids coming together, trying to figure out what they want to do for their career!” 18 year old Michael Daniel told 570 News about the program, “So instead of sitting in a classroom, you’re out here hands on building a whole house.”

When they were in class, the kids learned the planning and paperwork that goes into the project, while most of the time, they were on site, either working away or shadowing the professionals. 60 percent of students that participate in Home Build Programs go on to find jobs in construction trades.

“They showed me a lot about being an electrician because that’s what I want to be.” Student Ryan Teet shared, “I got to see the electrician do everything and shadow him, so I learned a lot.”

The Waterloo District School Board teams up with Reid’s Heritage Group for the Community Build Program.