Local Conservative Party members will select a candidate tonight for the yet-to-be-called byelection in the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo.

One of three nominees is Laurier MBA instructor Tracey Weiler who tells 570 news – she wants to help turn the province around.

“I believe that Ontario is heading in the wrong direction and I’m concerned about the future of Ontario and it’s shocking to me that Ontario is becoming a have-not province.”

Another of the nominees is Waterloo city councillor Angela Veith who told us she feels the time is right for her to capitalize on her experience.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to do this and I think my 6 years on city council is great experience and I’m willing to go to the next level.”

Rounding out the group of nominees is engineering consultant Don Kaluzny who tells 570 News that he brings a varied background to the table.

“You want someone who has good strong leadership skills as well as exposure to some key areas that really affect the public interest – education, health care, energy, infrastructure are those areas where I have knowledge that I would like to transfer to the legislature.”

Members of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Kitchener-Waterloo Riding Association will choose their candidate in a vote at St. George Hall in Waterloo tonight.