While this heatwave isn’t setting any temperature records yet, it’s helping set some hydro use records in the region, with two of the three hydro utilities setting records.

The odd-utility-out is Waterloo North Hydro, churning out 269 MWh, and short of any records.

Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro was pumping out 340 MWh this afternoon, and Cambridge North Dumfries customers used as much as 281 MWh, both records for this year.

Cambridge-North Dumfries Spokesperson Barb Shortreed told 570 News, since we’re only into the beginning of this heat wave, that record could be surpassed.

Shortreed says closing the blinds, using area fans, and programming the thermostat are a few ideas to keep power use down.

“Wear light, loose clothing, take a quick shower just to refresh yourself … drink (plenty) of fluid. It’s all about reducing electricity, but it is also about different habits.”

Shortreed says while there is more than enough power to keep everything running, conservation continues to be key.