Children from coast to coast to coast are already dreaming of the fast-approaching end of the school year.

Adults on the other hand have beaches and luxury hotels on the brain.

With the economy still not at its prime, what are the best summer travel destinations within Canada?

570′s Gary Doyle spoke with V.P. and Managing Director of, Sean Shannon, who says “If you’re really budget minded you can still be pleasantly surprised,” with reference to the price and quality of your vacation.

For a fun-filled, patriotic destination, Shannon suggests “If you’ve never been to Ottawa to experience Canada Day … Ottawa has got a lot to offer and it’s a fun place to be.”

For those craving the ocean and sun-hot sand but hope to avoid the price tag of flying to the tropics, Shannon had nothing but good to say about the east coast: “It’s absolutely a wonderful experience. The seafood is great, the water is warm, and the beaches are soft sand. It’s a wonderful place to go.”

If you dream of a trip outside of the country, it’s important to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your empty wallet. The longer you wait, the cheaper it can be. Shannon shared, “There are still great deals that do come up because there is so much choice out there. The reality is that not every hotel will be full, not every airline will have sold all of its seats, and so you can still get some surprisingly last minute bargains even during high season.”

Whether you pack a cooler and take a road trip or fly across the world this summer, there’s no need to spend unnecessarily.