It has been a busy year for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities under now former President Berry Vrbanovic.

From paving the way for a new Long-Term Infrastructure deal with the feds, to releasing the FCM’s first report on the State of Canadian Cities and Towns.

Berry Vrbanovic, who also serves as a Kitchener City Councillor, told 570 News that report will continue to be released on an annual basis, “Each year the report is going to focus on different issues to make sure that we’re holding the Federal government accountable.”

When it comes to working with Federal Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel on a new funding framework for roads, sewers, and bridges, Vrbanovic said that will continue to be a significant piece of work, “Minister Lebel has come forward and both, committed to nine round-tables over the next couple months across the country, as well as committed to ensuring the new (Long-Term Infrastructure) program will be in place in time for our 2014 budget season.”

Vrbanovic said he has learned a lot from other municipal councillors across Canada, “Some of the different ideas that various communities are implementing or have implemented, and now I look forward to bringing some of those ideas back.”

Vrbanovic said he gained a true appreciation for how unique various Canadian communities are, “We’re strong because of our northern areas, our rural areas, and our large urban centres, and we need to make sure we look out for all of them as we go forward.”

Vrbanovic’s one-year term at the helm of the FCM came to an end earlier this week.