TORONTO – A new poll suggests there’s increasing support for maintaining ties to the monarchy in Canada, except in Quebec.

A Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey conducted before Prince Charles and Camilla visited this week suggests 51% of respondents want to maintain Canada’s links to the monarchy.

That’s a six percentage point increase from a similar poll in 2009.

In Quebec, however, just 24% said the monarchy is an important part of Canadian history – a figure that’s down six percentage points from the previous poll.

But the new survey indicates the royals have increased in popularity in all other parts of the country.

Harris Decima consultant Robert Hughes says William and Kate’s star power and the Conservative government’s efforts to emphasize our ties to the monarchy have likely driven the increase in English Canada’s support for the Crown.

The poll results come as no surprise to the Monarchist League of Canada.

Chairman Robert Finch says support for the monarchy in every region outside Quebec is “overwhelmingly positive.”

The telephone survey by Harris Decima of just over one-thousand people has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.