The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement released the spring radio ratings yesterday and the landslide winner was perennial market leader, and our sister station, CHYM 96.7 FM.

Rogers Kitchener Radio Group General Manager Mike Collins says CHYM had one of the best ratings in the history of the radio station and is more market dominant than its ever been, “I attribute that to all the hard work on everybody on CHYM. But we’ve also made some tweaks over the last couple of years to make the sound a little younger and the audience definitely responded and seems to have liked the change.”

CHYM’s morning show with George Michaels and Tara Connors was once again the number one morning show in the market, “The great things about George Michaels and now his co-host Tara Connors, George has been doing mornings for almost 30 years in the Kitchener market, he’s got great heritage he sounds better and younger then ever, but he’s also never not been the number one morning show in his entire history and I can’t imagine in Canadian and frankly in North American radio that that’s happened anywhere else.”

Collins also tips his hat to Adele, “When we went out and hired Adele away from the competition we thought that she had the potential to bring a large audience with her and that certainly looks like it’s paid dividends in this ratings period.”

Our other sister station KIX 106 FM also experienced growth and posted stellar numbers, and 570News now has the second most listened to morning show in the market, “This morning show that people listen to every week day moves to the number two rated morning show behind the perennial favourite CHYM.”

CHYM has a 16.3 share of overall market tuning, almost double that of second place KOOL FM, who have an 8.4 share of 12 plus tuning.