Protesters were heard throughout downtown Kitchener Wednesday afternoon, as a crowd of over 50 walked to Victoria Park shouting “Justice for Johnny”.

The crowd consisted of friends, family and community members who are appalled by the custody release of 18-year-old Zachary Schultz, the man charged with manslaughter in the death of John James.

“And we need our children to be protected, that’s why we are all here. it doesn’t matter what colour you are. White, black, yellow, red. We are together today, and united and raise our voices that we want our children to be safe in this city.” Reverend William Chuol explained about the release of Schultz.

Funke Oba, who spoke for the African-Canadian Association of Waterloo at the protest explained that race isn’t the issue. “The point is a nineteen year old was buried last Saturday. We buried one of our sons. We buried one of our own. As a mother, nobody wants to bury their own child. 19 year olds don’t belong in caskets.” Her point was that youth today shouldn’t be in the position where they carry around guns and knives and need the support of their community.

19-year-old John James was found dead on Sunday, May 13th behind Cameron Heights Secondary School.

Schultz was released from custody the following day.