It’s been nine years since New Dundee had their last Victoria Day Fireworks to celebrate the first long weekend of the unofficial summer. New Dundee resident Dan Weaver saw a problem with that, and has worked with other residents to bring them back.

The local dad told 570 News that he thought it was important for his family. “I have two little girls, and I just remember it being a big part when I was growing up.” Weaver explained, “It was always something to look forward too and I want to give that to them.” Of course his daughters weren’t the only ones missing out. Weaver and a few others went from door to door in the community asking for donations. The reason that it stopped was that insuring the large fire works went sky high. No pun intended. Weaver’s fellow residents embraced the goal though, and in four nights they raised $3000.

“Going door to door, it was ten to fifteen minutes just talking. It was a really, really good experience.” Weaver said, telling 570 News that he was met with lots of smiling faces.

The fireworks are around 9 at Doug Fischer Memorial Park, but all day there will be events in New Dundee. The day starts with a firefighter breakfast at 7 and then will include an antique car show, arts and crafts, performances by magician Daniel Steep, and musician Sean Chesney, along with the Pyroflys. The events run all day until the fireworks this evening.

For more information go to visit the  New Dundee Fireworks page.