Regional Police Chief Matt Torigian delivered a Neighbourhood Policing update to council.

Torigian told 570 News it’s essentially a report card, “To demonstrate some of the efficiencies we’ve gained and some of the return on investment that we’re starting to realize now in this community.

Torigian said a pilot shift schedule in 2013 will help the force realize efficiencies, “That new shift schedule will allow us to have the right number of officers in the right place at the right time,” Torigian said. “Without increasing the compliment, we’ll find greater efficiencies, and a quicker response time, and also perhaps be out in front of some of the crime.”

On community policing, Torigian said the force must stay true to the concept of community mobilization, “It’s not a matter of who leads, but who leads when, and it doesn’t always have to be the police.” Pointing to the community partnerships the police service rely upon, “we work together with out partners to address some of what we know to be the root-causes of crime.”