With a provincial byelection looming in Kitchener-Waterloo, the push is on to make voting more accessible for the disabled.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Alliance has launched a campaign in hopes of convincing Elections Ontario to offer telephone and internet voting.

It has fired off a letter to that effect to Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer.

The Alliance stresses it wants those options available for all voters, not just those with disabilities.

The chair of the A-O-D-A Alliance, David Lepofsky told 570′s Gary Doyle Show, the government needs to do more to help disabled voters.

“The government took half way steps in past years to try to address this, having one accessible voting machine per riding (sometimes two)…but that’s still not enough so we’ve been pressing for some years for accessible elections and in recent years for the option of telephone, or internet voting.”

Lepofsky added that a key aspect of telephone and internet voting is making sure it is secure.

“We’ve got (telephone and internet voting) in some municipalities, it’s been done in some other jurisdictions…right now we’d like it to be secure and we think they need to simply work hard in making it secure.”

It’s been three years since the McGuinty government introduced Bill 231 which was meant to modernize Ontario’s election rules.