The Boathouse in Kitchener’s Victoria Park is one step closer to re-opening.

The tender for the exterior renovations was awarded to a company for considerably less money than the other company’s vying for the work. $95,000 lower than anticipated, and about 25% less than competing bids.

Head of Infrastructure Services, Pauline Houston, was asked by Councillor Frank Etherington when the renovation work is expected to be completed, “we expect the works to be completed by the end of June,” Houston said.

That includes a pathway by the water, gates, and railings that form part of the pathway and Boathouse patio, and accessible access to the facility.

The building is the home to popular music venue, The Boathouse. Its operator, Kevin Doyle, has first right of refusal on lease negotiations. “We hope to have the final draft lease for council review at the next council meeting,” said head of  Economic Development Rod Regier. The next round of committee meetings is May 28th.

“Hopefully the Boathouse will be in a position to open when the landscaping is complete,” said Regier.

However, the interior work remains to be done. “Some of which can be accomplished while the business is operating, some cannot,” said Regier.

Councillor Etherington told 570 News he’d like to see the interior work sped up, “if that interior work does go ahead, it will be early winter, because (Doyle) isn’t going to want to mess up the rest of his schedule and bookings,” he said.

“It has been a long time coming and I would like to see it move through now as quickly as possible.”