According to results from a new movie-related poll – Canadians still love going to the movies.

While no-one seems to be renting movies anymore (a trend that has resulted in the bankruptcy of chains like Blockbuster) we are however still choosing to see the latest films in the theatre.

The study was conducted by Cineplex Entertainment along with Ipsos Reid and it showed that for Canadians – going to a movie is the most common way to spend a first date.  

Saturday’s are the most popular day of the week for movie-going night and it looks like there are plenty of James Bond fans out there too.  “Skyfall” – which will be the latest chapter in the hugely successful Bond franchise is the most anticipated movie of 2012.

“As we celebrate 100 years of movie memories in 2012, we thought this was a great time to kick off a Canadian-specific study to highlight movie-going preferences and unearth some fun and interesting thoughts Canadians have about movies, actors and actresses…”said Pat Marshall, Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations, Cineplex Entertainment.

“We couldn’t believe some of the responses to the poll and we are going to have some fun sharing this data in the coming months.”  

Other key findings from the poll included;

-57% of poll participants said movies is a staple for date night
-60% have been on a first date in a movie theatre
-43% of Canadians have been to a movie theatre in the past month to watch a movie

As for the reasons we choose to go to the theatre to watch a movie, the three factors that influence Canadian movie-goers the most are the storyline (29%), the trailers (24%) and a the recommendation of a partner or spouse (11%).

As for the days we prefer – Saturday’s and Tuesday’s are the days of the week we typically watch a movie in a theatre.

And then there’s our pet peeves when it comes to watching something on the big screen.

The number one “no-no” was people who talk during the movie at 33%, while people who kick the back of your seat finished next with 18% of the vote.

Coming in third with 14% – people who sit directly beside, or in-front of you when the theatre is nearly empty.