It’s been a long time coming.

Kitchener City Council is expected to approve a long-term master plan for multi-use pathways and trails tonight.

City Councillor Yvonne Fernandes tells 570 News it will go hand in hand with the city’s cycling master plan.

The estimated cost is around $20-million, which is why Fernandes says it will be phased in over 15 years: to lighten the load for taxpayers.

She says the goal is to link the various trails and pathways in the city to create a comprehensive and cohesive network.

Fernandes says a great deal of public input went into developing this plan and, for the most part, the various stakeholders are pleased with it.

The first phase is to be carried out over five years with much of the focus on the south end of the city, as well as a trail along the Via-GO railway tracks.