Once again, the local jobless rate is substantially lower than both the national and provincial average.  

Another monthly snapshot of the state of employment in Canada, another glowing review of the jobs picture in Waterloo Region – the unemployment rate in Waterloo Region fell a tenth of a percentage point, to 6.6% last month from a month before.  

StatsCan’s Vincent Ferrao tells 570 News, the local workforce has grown.  “Employment was up a little bit,” says Ferrao. “We have one thousand more people working this April, compared to March, so we have 284,100 people working.”  

Ferrao says most of the jobs gains in Waterloo Region were in the retail and services sector, as well as finance, insurance and wholesale trade.  

Nationally, the unemployment rate is up, to 7.3% from 7.2, despite the creation of 58,000 jobs.  The jobless rate in Ontario was little changed last month, but with more people searching for work, it increased 0.4 percentage points to 7.8%.