The latest round of potential federal job cuts are hitting close to home.

The Harper government has notified another 3,800 people their jobs are on the line.

Many of those people work for Parks Canada.

This morning’s Record reports, three people who work at the Woodside National Historic site in Kitchener were handed their notices yesterday.

Woodside was the childhood home of Canada’s longest-serving prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Exactly what this means for the future of Woodside – is unclear at this point.

Parks Canada is expected to have more to say about the operation of that site as well as others across the country today.

Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr told the paper, “It would be very regrettable if in fact it is going to close.”

He added, “It tells a story not only about King and his family, but the role this area has played in Canadian history.”