There are only two spots remaining in the Canada’s Got Talent finals and the Sunday-night competition was fierce.

Toronto beatboxer KRNFX, a.k.a. Terry Im, performed alongside four breakdancers, while Quebec circus performer Eric Saintonge donned a pair of sparkly pants – and not much else, as he twisted and turned inside an enormous hoop.

The judges praised his decision not to wear a shirt, saying “sex appeal works!”

But Angela Ewtushik and her dog Rally weren’t so lucky — the pooch couldn’t catch a frisbee all night.

Check out the highlights, including singer Silvia Ricciotto, in the video.

On Monday, host Dina Pugliese announced Canada’s choice. The decision was between Eric Saintonge, Jive and Sagkeeng’s Finest.

Dance group Sagkeeng’s Finest was moving on.

When it came down to judges choice, it was between Terry Im, Silvia Ricciotto and Angela Ewtushik with her dog Rally.

In a vote of two-to-one, beatboxer Terry Im was moving on.

The night was extra special for Sagkeeng’s Finest member Brandon because he was celebrating his 18th birthday.

“Just an awesome birthday present, to get into the finals.”

Terry Im said that now that he is in the finals, he’s going for broke.

“I’m just going to pour my heart on the stage and hope that Canada recognizes that beatbox is ready.”

Contestants are competing for a grand prize that includes $100,000 in cash, a Nissan GT-R sports car worth $105,000, a Las Vegas show and an appearance at the Citytv New Year’s Eve bash.

The final is May 13.


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