A group called, “Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario” staged a rally protest Saturday morning, in front of the constituency office of Kitchener-Centre MPP John Milloy.

The demonstartion was to voice concerns about Dalton McGuinty’s Bill 13, which is supposed to be about reducing bullying and punishing bullies in schools. However, rally organizer and head of the CCPO, Kim Galvao says the bill has a controversial Sex Ed component, “We believe it carry’s a radical gay agenda that is not helpful to our kids at school. There’s several problems with Bill 13, one being GSA’s (Gay-Straight Alliance) being imposed on Catholic Schools which contradicts its Christian mission.”

Another problem that Galvao points out is that it tries to inject controversial gender theories in kids in early grades, “We as parents think our rights are being violated because the Toronto Public Board has come out and publicly has stated in its curriculum, that we’re not going to let parents know and they can’t pull their kids out. And so we object to that.”

An alternate bullying bill written by former Kitchener-Waterloo MPP Elizabeth Witmer, Bill 14, is being supported by CCPO, “We don’t really have a problem with bill 14 because it has no sexual agenda. The only concern I would have with bill 14 is it also gives a little bit too much power to the education minister”, said Galvao.

Both Bill’s are being considered at Queens Park.