In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and summer road work.

In the City of Kitchener, there are a number of projects underway, and a couple more planned, which will stretch through the dog days and into the chilly ones.

Starting with what is already on the go:

Mill Street between Queen and Stirling

Work on this less than one kilometer stretch started in March and is slated to be finished by September to October, depending on the weather.

Kitchener Manager of Engineering Construction, Nasir Qureshi told 570 News a number of underground services will be reconstructed, “the water-main, sanitary sewers, storm sewers are being replaced, and of course replacing all the services to the homeowners.”

Hall’s Lane

This alley runs parallel to part King Street West and King Street East in the downtown core, from Victoria Street to Eby Street. It serves as the back door to a number of businesses along that stretch, as well as the underground corridor for hydro and gas utilities.

Hall’s Lane is being reconstructed in three stages. Two of them have begun; Ontario Street to Queen Street, and Gaukle Street to Victoria Street.

“Ontario to Queen we started, in April, and that will be completed in 4 to 6 weeks time,” said Qureshi, “and Gaukle to Victoria, we started a few weeks ago,”

The third stage is from Benton to Eby Streets, “this construction is going to take us to November, because of the scope of work,” said Qureshi.

This is a full reconstruction project, and Qureshi said it will take a lot of co-ordination between hydro and gas utilities, “to get it all done at the same time.”

Brock Street

Running parallel to Highland Road West from West Avenue to Queen Street South, work on this roughly half kilometer residential street, was started last week.

“Brock Street, we are replacing sanitary sewer, water-main, storm sewer, and then new curbs and pavement,” Qureshi said. “That is going to be complete in July.”

Courtland Avenue

Also under way in Kitchener is a Region of Waterloo project on Courtland Avenue. It’s a full reconstruction project, meaning all underground services are being rebuilt.

The project is going forward in 3 stages. The first stage, between Queen Street South and Stirling Avenue, drivers will remember well from summer of 2011.

Project Manager  Mike Henderson told 570 News via email, “this stage has been completed to base asphalt with surface asphalt scheduled to be placed mid-summer.” 

The next two stages, from Stirling to Ottawa Street and from Ottawa Street to the north side of HWY 7/8, and are slated to finish up by mid-October.

This is the part of the project that currently has drivers pulling out their maps. “Stage 2 is underway starting at Stirling and proceeding southbound toward Ottawa Street,” Henderson said.

But wait, there’s more! Two more City of Kitchener road construction projects are set to begin in June.

Pandora Avenue North

Starting in June, this residential road from Weber Street to East Avenue will be ripped up until August or September. Qureshi says the finish line will be closer to September, “it’s a much bigger scope; full reconstruction replacement of all the underground water-main, sanitary and storm sewers, new curb and pavement.”

Otto Street

Running about 200 meters between Frederick Street and Queen Street, work will be starting in June and planned to be finished by August or September, depending on the weather.

Qureshi has some advice for irritated drivers, “follow the detour routes we have set up, and that’s the easiest way to get around that. Don’t try to by-pass the construction sign where the road has been closed.”

There are also a few web-resources you can tap in order to avoid construction-marred routes altogether.

City of Kitchener: road closures

Region of Waterloo: road closures

On top of those, while not covered in this article, it can’t hurt to offer up the links to the cities of Waterloo and Cambridge road closure pages.

Just for good measure, covering area highways and beyond, the Provincial Highway closures page