While the abortion debate boils on Parliament Hill, a local pro-choice group adds their voice to the mix.

Saying the best way to keep abortion rates low in Canada is to keep the laws liberalized, Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region’s Co-President Shannon Dea told 570 News criminalizing abortion could lead to women risking their lives on dangerous do-it-yourself abortions.

“It’s worth noting that these would be poor women, the rich women would simply go across the border to the U.S. and pay to have the service performed privately. So if (Woodworth) wants to see more more poor women in emergency rooms, this is exactly the right strategy.”

Dea said it’s frustrating for her that Woodworth is opening this debate as a human rights issue, adding that women are human beings and in turn, Dea said, “abortion is a woman’s right.”

“We can trust women to make morally complex, responsible choices. We don’t need legislators to do it for us,” Dea said.