It’s the best cup of coffee that she’s ever had! New Kitchener resident and Nova Scotia native, Jayme Rowat, did the happy dance this morning as she was handed the keys to her new silver Toyota Camry.

Rowat won the car on a Roll Up The Rim coffee cup that she bought at the Ottawa Street South Tim Hortons in Kitchener and the staff there say that there isn’t anyone who deserves it more.

“I’ve been sharing this with everyone, because we always want to know someone who’s won something. It’s good to spread joy and happiness and everyone is just so excited for me.” Rowat told 570 News. Since she moved to Kitchener only a few months ago, Rowat has become quite the regular at this particular Tim Hortons. She admitted to having the gift of gab and quickly making friends with the staff. It’s because of this that the Tim Hortons was buzzing with excitement, everyone incredibly happy for their reoccurring customer and friend.

“Tims is a Canadian tradition so it really warms my heart that I won a car at Tims.” Jayme added, grinning from ear to ear after her new car pulled into the parking lot with the keys ready to be handed to her. This is the first car ever won at the Ottawa Street South Tim Hortons and the first of two cars won this year in Kitchener.