It was a big night for Petersburg opera singer, Emilio Fina.

It was another elimination night on “Canada’s Got Talent” and Fina had his fingers crossed that he would move onto the finals – and he did.

Following last night’s show, Fina said he was thrilled to take the next step, adding “I achieved what I needed to achieve regardless of where I’m going.”

He also admitted he was a  bit overwhelmed by the whole thing “I think I’m a little surprised now, it’s a little surreal…I don’t even know, I’m just not in the right frame of mind right now – I’m just really humbled.”

When asked if he thought he could win the whole thing, Fina answered with a little hesitation, “Yes…I mean what else am I supposed to say?”

Also advancing was 11-year-old dancer Shale Wagman.