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Anti-bullying video goes viral

There is a new video dominating the social media world, but this one is no laughing matter.

The video, called “What’s Goin’ On,” is of a young teen telling his story of being bullied and battling depression, and it has brought many people to tears.

Watch video (courtesy of YouTube)

The powerful video features no talking, just an eighth grade boy named Jonah Mowry facing a camera, holding up cue cards that tell his story.

He admits to having cut himself repeatedly since the second grade, to being bullied every day, contemplating suicide, and feeling like he can’t face the world for even one more day.

As the video progresses, Mowry begins to breathe heavily as he fights back tears, but at the end, a twist.

Defiantly, he holds up cards saying he’s not going anywhere, because he’s stronger than that, and has a million reasons to be here.

The video has seemingly had a profound effect on people, with many of the comments cheering Mowry on, telling him to be strong, with quite a few saying they cried as they watched.