A final decision on rapid transit is expected on Wednesday but a group opposed to the region’s light rail plan wants the decision delayed.

Taxpayers for Sensible Transit wants council to wait about three months before deciding whether to move ahead, now that some councillors are proposing changes to the project.

A motion by Councillor Sean Strickland will ask the region to look at other route options through Uptown Waterloo. However, Strickland says he doesn’t agree with delaying the vote. He says, “We’ve had a lot of debate, a lot of discussion. In the last seven weeks I’ve had 600 emails alone on this issue…We’ve discussed it quite a bit as a community and I think it’s time to make a decision.”

Spokesperson for Taxpayers for Sensible Transit, Ruth Haworth, says she wants council to take more time to look at the new proposals. She’s worried that if the project is approved on Wednesday, the proposed changes would be ignored. She says, “If you remember, back in winter, the councillors voted to tell staff to look into bus rapid transit options and they didn’t really.”