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Port Dover is the place to be on Friday the 13th

This is the only Friday the 13th in all of 2011, and that means a busy day in the town of Port Dover.

Every Friday the 13th, motorcycle drivers by the thousands rally in Port Dover.

According the website for the rally, www.pd13.com, the first Friday the 13th biker get-together happened thirty years ago in 1981.

That’s when motorcycle enthusiast and owner Chris Simons got about 25 friends together and met in Port Dover, on what just happened to by Friday, November 13 of that year.

The event brings in so many motorcycles now, rally organizers have come up with a Resident’s Pass to help the 6,000 year round residents of Port Dover get around during the rally.

Volunteers from the local Rotary Club look after organizing traffic and parking on Main Street.  That organization estimates at least 20,000 motorcycles will pass through Port Dover today.

The weather may not be rallying to help the event today, though: the forecast includes a 60% chance of showers and chance of thunderstorms. 

570’s Mark Douglas was in Port Dover…