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2011 Census

The 2011 Census begins today.

Andre Langdon is the Regional Communications Manager for the 2011 Census. He says, “…in the urban areas…people will get a letter which invites them to complete the census online and in more rural areas around Kitchener-Waterloo somebody will actually come to the door.

Langdon says filling out the census questionnaire is mandatory. He says you can fill it out online or mail it in.  He adds, “If you don’t complete it, somebody from Statistics Canada will follow up to help you complete the questionnaire.”

Besides being mandatory, Langdon says the census helps provide valuable information. In fact, he says, “The census itself determines the population count, which helps determine how much money is going from the federal government, down to the provincial government and down to your city.”

He adds that the National Household Survey, which includes the same questions as the 2006 long form questionnaire, includes a lot of information used for various different programs.

Langdon says Statistics Canada has 35,000 people working on the census across Canada and 1,100 in the K-W area.