OTTAWA -  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has announced that his party will introduce a motion of non-confidence today, based on the Tories’ contempt of Parliament as well as its “economic failure”.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said it’s not too late for the opposition to reconsider their stance against the budget and avoid what he calls a “useless” federal election.

He said he will not go to the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and launch an election campaign before the Commons votes on the budget.

And he adds it’s not too late for the opposition leaders to “back off” and listen to Canadians and Canadian businesses.

Harper is encouraging them to “put the interests of Canadians first.”

The prime minister said he’s disappointed the opposition leaders “didn’t take the time to read the budget.”

He said the economy’s not a political game.

Harper said in this period of world economic uncertainty, his government is determined to bring about recovery.

He called the budget “the next step on the economic action plan” and an important element of growth and recovery.

But he said the opposition parties “seem to have different priorities.”

He said they have rejected what they promised to support in Tuesday’s budget — help for seniors, home-renovation rebates, help for veterans, tax breaks and socially oriented programs.

Harper said the opposition have two choices — their ambition for a “useless” election or timely help for Canadians and the economy.