The producer of the Titanic and Avatar inspired a sold-out crowd at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener Thursday night.

Jon Landau told an audience of 300 people that bringing innovation to films is what separates the leaders from the followers.

Landau says that in Avatar, they used performance caption, which is technology that captures human emotion in a non-human character.

He says computer generated imagery captured the actors’ faces and movements and created engaging characters from that.

That way, he says every performance came from the actors and was translated into a digital character.  

Landau says James Cameron actually wrote Avatar in 1995 but the technology at the time didn’t exist to tell the story the way they wanted to.

He says the goal with the movie was to have the screen disappear and let people look into a window, escaping into the world of the film.

Avatar was meant to bring people out of their homes and back in to the theatre.

He also told the crowd that passion and determination are key to success in any industry.