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US election results

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It’s Tea Time in the U-S after opposition Republicans delivered a stinging blow to President Barack Obama in the mid-term elections.

The Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, and despite making big gains in the Senate, they fell short of a majority.

Obama will have to deal with a more conservative Congress, which will include members of the anti-establishment Tea Party movement.

John Boehner, a conservative lawmaker from Ohio, will replace liberal Nancy Pelosi as House speaker.

The results reflect frustrations with the weak U-S economy and disillusionment with Obama, who took office two years ago on a message of hope and change.

By early this morning, House Republicans had won 220 seats and were leading in 20 other races — needing 218 seats for control of the House.

In the Senate, Republicans won at least six Senate seats held by Democrats, including Obama’s old seat in Illinois, captured by congressman Mark Kirk.

The Democrats won the biggest single race, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid beating Tea Party favourite Sharron Angle.

She gained attention in Canada recently by suggested terrorists had entered the United States from this country.